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Whatever your needs are, a brand new armchair or a simple chaise lounge can include a great deal to your private home when it comes to design and comfort. And at IKEA We have now lots of from which to choose.

a person who takes demand of or directs a gathering. voorsitter رَئيسُ الجَلْسَه председател presidente předseda die/der Vorsitzende formand πρόεδροςpresidente; presidenta koosoleku juhataja رئیس جلسه puheenjohtaja président/-ente יושב ראש अध्यक्ष, सभापति predsjedatelj, predsjednik elnök ketua fundarstjóri presidente 議長 의장 pirmininkas, pirmininkė priekšsēdētājs; priekšsēdētāja pengerusi voorzitter formann/-kvinne, leder, ordstyrerprzewodniczący د جلسه رهیس presidente preşedinte председатель predseda, -kyňa predsednik, predsednica predsedavajući ordförande ประธาน başkan, reis 主席 голова صدر ، صدر جلسہ ، کرسی نشین chủ tọa 主席

seat - any help where you can sit (Specially the Portion of a chair or bench etcetera. on which you sit); "he dusted from the seat right before sitting down down"

Up to now, chairman was used to seek advice from both equally Adult men and ladies, but it is now hardly ever used to refer to a lady. The girl accountable for a meeting or Business is sometimes referred to as the chairwoman.

two. the situation of a one that is chairman at a gathering and so on. Who's within the chair? voorsittterstoel رِئاسَةُ الجَلْسَه председателско място presidência předsednictví der Vorsitz mødeleder; formand θέση προέδρου presidencia koosoleku juhataja رئیس جلسه puheenjohtaja présidenceיושב ראש पीठ predsjednik elnök(ség) ketua fundarstjóri/-stjórn presidente 議長の職 의장 pirmininkavimas vadīt sapulci pengerusi voorzittersshap leder, ordstyrer przewodniczenie د رهیس جلسه presidência preşedinţie председательское место predsedníctvo predsedujoči onaj koji zaseda ordförande[stol] ตำแหน่งประธาน başkan, reis 會議主席的席位 місце головуючого کسی اجتماع کی صدارت کرنے والے شخص کا عہدہ chủ tọa 主持会议的主席(的席位或职位)

In the last year, Cohen, who was elected for the board in 2010, sponsored a citywide ban about the sale of flavored tobacco products as well as chaired the Funds and Finance Committee, which a short while ago signed off on the city’s $11 billion price range.

(in committees and so on) → Vorsitz m; for being in/go ahead and take chair → den Vorsitz fileühren; to handle the chair → sich an den Vorsitzenden/die Vorsitzende wenden; all issues through the chair, make sure you → bitte alle Fragen (direkt) an den Vorsitzenden richten!


backrest, back again - a support you can lean in opposition to while more info sitting down; "the back with the dental chair was adjustable"

b. A individual who retains an Business office or a placement of authority, which include one particular who presides around a meeting or administers a Section of instruction at a higher education; a chairperson.

chair - the officer who presides within the meetings of an organization; "tackle your remarks into the chairperson"

Stage back in time Along with the 1960s inspired LANDSKRONA armchair that gets a completely fresh appear with brand-new addresses.

With its modernistic condition, HATTEFJÄLL swivel chair looks extra like an armchair than a do the job chair — adding softness to a homelier workspace.

one. a movable seat for one particular human being, which has a again to it. a table and 4 chairs. stoel كُرْسي стол cadeira židle der Stuhl stol καρέκλαsilla Resource صندلی tuoli chaise כִּסֵא कुर्सी stolac szék kursi stóll sedia 椅子 등받이가 있는 의자 kėdė krēsls kerusi stoelstolkrzesło چوكۍ: كرسۍ: رئيس (دغونډى cadeira scaun стул stolička stol stolica stol เก้าอี้ sandalye, iskemle 椅子 стілець کرسی ghế 椅子

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